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Introduction to Jack’s Corner

Introduction to Jack’s Corner

Jack’s corner… a well of inspirational Biblical reflection, from the pen of Jack. 

It was said of J.B. Phillips that his emotions were aroused when he translated the New Testament. He wrote: ‘’Although I did my utmost to preserve an emotional detachment, I found again and again that the material under my hands was strangely alive; it spoke to my condition in a most uncanny way.’’

Treasures of the wordSuch is the Power of the Word; it is both living and active. Its primary purpose is to minister change, to introduce the dynamics of Faith, and to do something lasting in the life of the one who reads it and applies himself to its truths.

The knowledge of the things of God is firmly rooted in our reading, our listening, and our understanding of the word of God, and our progress is further determined by our willingness to apply its truths to our lives. For the past 30 plus years, I have been writing articles that have been locally and widely distributed, free of charge, to the wider church, as the Holy Spirit guided me and instructed me too.

The articles and messages that you will here will provide you with Teaching, Encouragement, Exhortation and Inspiration. As you read and meditate on these Divinely inspired messages, I pray that the Holy Spirit, who has been my teacher and my guide, will speak into your need, and bless and deepen your walk and relationship with Him.

From Jack


Jack’s story

For most of my early years up to the age of 13, then infrequently up to my late teens, I had attended an Anglican Church as a nominal worshipper, and certainly without any real conviction. In 1958 at the age of 20 I had my first spiritual encounter, a life changing experience – Jesus described it as being born again. It was to change the course of my life and rid me of my drink problem. At the age of 29, God called me to serve him in Africa for a number of years. On returning from South Africa, a number of pioneer youth outreach initiatives occupied my time for the next few years, then in 1978 I was to receive a word from God instructing me to open my home up for the purpose of bringing together those from all denominations. It became known as ‘Interdenominational Christian Ministries’ and it was to continue right up to 1998. It was during the 1980’s that I was to discover my writing gift. I have written two books and was the editor of the Word Magazine that was distributed throughout the churches between 1985 – 1990. I have been a faithful member of the Free Methodist Church for 34 years, spending many of those years in leadership and in other duties and responsibilities. I am 80 years old and just recently celebrated my 60 years as Christian.


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    Nice work done Jack, where can i read your articles messages please let me know.
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