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This website has been created to help people learn about the lives of Inspirational Christians. We hope that the testimonies will encourage both believers and non-believers to draw closer to God.

It is our belief that God wants everyone to enter a close relationship with him. Through reading about Christian men and women who have lived close to God, we can see that God really can change our lives and help us to live for Him alone!

The biographies on this website bring glory to God and not the individuals. Men like Smith Wigglesworth and John Wesley did not seek their own fame, their objective in life was to bring Glory to God. It would be mistake when examining their lives we started praising them rather than God! Only God should receive all the glory for how He helped these Christians to live their lives for Him.

When the testimonies of these Christians are discussed, the content will not be based upon strange doctrines (Hebrews 13v9) but upon the focus will be upon their relationship with God and the outcome of their way of life (Hebrews 13v7).

The goal of this site is that through learning about the lives of these Christians, we will remember these people, the words that they spoke and imitate their faith (Hebrews 13v7).



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