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Introduction – Pastor Lawrie Cottam: Farmer, Sailor, Preacher

Introduction – Pastor Lawrie Cottam: Farmer, Sailor, Preacher

Why, at the age of 86, have I decided to write my autobiography when I have no skills as an author? It is because whilst sitting with Christian friends, talking about past experiences, many of them have said to me, “Lawrie, you ought to write these things down.”

Now as you know, the successful author can become so by adding colour, exaggerating and at times mixing truth with fiction. How can I compete with this, when I promise not to fictionalise or exaggerate any of the facts in this writing? Will the reader lose interest? Will this account of my life be exciting enough?

My brother-in-law, Pastor Raymond Westbrook, once called me the ‘Raconteur of Swinton’ implying that I was a good story teller, but that’s not the reason for my efforts to write this narrative. I’m doing it simply to encourage the following people;

• All those who think that they have no talent and cannot be used by God.

• All those who are in a hard place, perhaps holding a small congregation together with little help from the bigger churches.

• All those who are sad at heart, because their loved ones are not going on for the Lord, despite all the love and efforts they have made to win them for Jesus.

• All who read this autobiography, to realise that God can and does want to use you in His service and that the words of the hymn writer are definitely true. There’s a work for Jesus none but you can do.

There is no such thing as an insignificant member of the body of Christ.

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