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Bishop N.M.Nisar

Bishop N.M.Nisar
A humble star was born in the princely state of Jammu, India, on the beautiful day of 19th October 1934. God had a perfect plan for this humble man. He was a blessing to everyone from near and far.

Bishop N.M.Nisar was the firstborn in a simple, working class family. The state in which he lived, Jammu, is known as the “city of temples”. Here less than 2% are Christian believers but his family had a strong Christian faith.


Education and Secular work

N.M.Nisar went to a Christian School for his primary education which was headed by Rev. Aziz William. He succeeded here and was awarded the best student award. He then went on to complete his intermediate education at Hari Singh College.

Soon after his college education he joined the deputy collector’s office as head clerk. But it was an environment full of corruption and, being an honest man, he left job and waited for God to give him a new direction. Soon God provided him with a new government job in the cultural academy. God also blessed him with a Christian wife name Razia, who gifted him with six beautiful children.


A desire to help his people

When N.M.Nisar was born, India was ruled by British India and enslaved by them. Whilst he was a teenager, somewhere within the core of his heart sparked the thought that his people were, also, enslaved to sin. He wanted to do something for them.


Dedicating his life to God’s service

Bishop Nisar with his family

Bishop Nisar with his family

N.M.Nisar attended a watchnight service on New Year’s Eve in 1959 after being invited by a friend. Throughout the service he felt very restless and during a period of silence he heard the voice of the Lord speak to him. That evening he gave his life totally to the Lord’s service. Although he was taking interest in the Lord’s service previously, from that day he start serving the Lord wholeheartedly.


Working in different capacities

N.M.Nisar joined the Church of God (Fellowship) of India and was ordained as a Pastor by Bishop Samuel John of Chandigarh. He then went on to work in different capacities.

He worked as an Evangelism Director for the Church of God (Fellowship) from 1988 to 1998, where he preached across Northern India at Conventions and Pastors Seminars. He was then appointed as Bishop for North India, which he held until 2004. From 2002 to 2004 he was the principal of Bethel Bible College Chandigarh. He was an able speaker and feared not to declare the whole counsel of God, which, of course, brought the wrath of the evil one against him.


The Jammu and Kashmir Christian Association

One of Bishop N.M.Nisar’s biggest legacies was the Jammu and Kashmir Christian Association, of which he was president. He founded the association in 1960 to unite the underprivileged and downtrodden Christian community, to enlighten them about their rights and privileges, and to raise their status socially and politically. All the Christians in the association resolved to work under the control of the India Congress Party in the state.

It was a result of his untiring efforts that the Jammu and Kashmir Christian Association vociferously put forth the burning demands of the community in the Gajendragadkar and Wazir commission. Under his leadership, the association organized various functions in which the late Smt. Indira. Gandhi and various Chief Ministers of the state Participated.

His untiring efforts yielded fruit in April 1974, when the Jammu & Kashmir Christian Association organized a mammoth conference in Jammu which was attended by the late Chief Minister Janab Syed Mir Qasim Sahib and other cabinet ministers.

A life of service

Bishop N.M.Nisar served the Lord and his community until the last breath of his life. He left for his heavenly abode on 3rd February 2017. His contribution for the christian community will always be remembered and honored by the people of Jammu & Kashmir.



About The Author

Deepender Mukherjee

This biography has been written by Deepender Mukherjee from Jammu, Kashmir. He is a certified Bible translator and is currently pursuing a PhD in religion. He also distributes Bibles and Christian literature and would like to open a Bible College in Jammu and Kashmir in the future. You can contact Deepender Mukheriee by emailing [email protected]


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    He was dedicated servant of God in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. He had unique personality. Bishop Sir was an encouragement to others.

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