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God Biography

God Biography

I am Elohim—the only true, living God—he who inhabits eternity. I am infinite, unchangeable, eternal, all knowing, all powerful, and everywhere present. I am awesome holiness, perfect love, and righteous judge.

Jesus' baptism where the Holy Spirit descended upon him

Jesus’ baptism where the Holy Spirit descended upon him

Before all beginnings, I was there. I am the Creator of all that your eyes can see and infinitely more besides. The billions of vast galaxies are my playground. Your planet is but a speck and its nations but a drop in a bucket.

I fashioned the thousands of animals and formed the millions of plants on earth. But I desired a being who would love and honor me. Not a computerized robot who obeys a program—and not an animal who obeys by sheer instinct or training. I wanted a being who would love me by distinct choice. I did not need this being for my survival, I wished it for my glory. So I formed man out of simple compounds from the earth, and I formed woman out of man. I invested in them immortality—that is, I placed within them an inner soul that would never die. This soul was cast in my own image, and it gave humans the ability to reason, feel, and choose as free moral agents.

Of course, the ability to freely choose love and obedience also implies the ability to do the opposite. Mankind eventually chose to wander and rebel, and all of human history since has been a heartbreaking saga of the results of that rebellion. In a microsecond I see and know both every atrocity and evil occurring on earth and every prayer and kindness. If you were to see what I see in that microsecond, it would short-circuit your mind. But I am God and you are mortal.

I arbitrarily chose the Hebrew people as a covenant people. The first covenant was made with the great patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They were promised a land, a heritage, and a blessed people as numerous as the sands of the desert. I wished to demonstrate my character to the whole world through these chosen people. I gave them the land of Canaan and the nation, Israel, reached a zenith of glory and blessing under kings such as David and Solomon. Though Israel was eventually conquered and taken into captivity, I promised them a Messiah as a future deliverer.

The Holy Spirit appeared like fire on Jesus' followers heads at Pentecost

The Holy Spirit appeared like fire on Jesus’ followers heads at Pentecost

Then nearly two thousand years ago a child was born and an angel called him Emmanuel, that is: God with us. His name was Jesus, and he was my Son—he did miracles, healed the sick, taught of the Kingdom of God, and went about always doing good. I sent Jesus to take humanity’s place—to die for the sins of mankind. He is thus considered a focal point of human history. After his resurrection, I sent my Holy Spirit to fill believers and I initiated the church, which has spread across the whole earth.

I know intimately of every one of my children. Some are written of in my Holy Book. Their lives were recorded there as examples to you—both positive and negative. It is not that those described in the Book are necessarily greater or more beloved than those living today. Many pure and precious souls have served me down through the centuries. These are simply some who are chosen for your learning. I hope you will read of them and think deeply of their exploits. Emulate those worth emulating and reject those worth rejecting. I am with you as you read. I will never leave you or forsake you.

Pause for Thought

Of course, we are only respectfully imagining what God might say about human history. He is the one outstanding character in the Holy Book. Without him, we have no Bible. If this is not the one true and living God, then the Word of God is the most horrible farce the human race has ever imagined, and we are self-deceived fools. However, we are staking our very existence on the firm belief that Yahweh is alive and he loves us without limit or end. We are on the verge of a pilgrimage into the Holy Book. We will see how this unique God related personally to many men and women of the past and how he still relates to us today.

 What questions does this help to answer?

  • Who is the God of the bible?
  • What is God’s character like?
  • What are the characteristics of God?
  • Is Jesus God?
  • Is the Holy Spirit God?
  • Does God know everyone?

About The Author

Steve Fortosis

Steve Fortosis served for six years as youth minister in several parishes. Meanwhile he was also working toward his masters, then his doctorate in religious education. Through the years he has enjoyed teaching on the college and seminary levels and writing professionally. He has published a number of books including story and prayer compilations, missionary biography, Biblical character biography, devotional lit, children’s lit, and even stories of Bible translation. Presently he resides in Florida with his wife, Debra, where he teaches part-time and writes on a free-lance basis.

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