Dwight L. Moody Biography

Dwight Lyman Moody went from humble, uneducated beginnings to being mightily used by God. He proves that God can truly use anybody from anywhere; you do not need to be a Bible scholar to be successful in the Lord. D.L. Moody: A Man used of God D.L. Moody, whose full... read more

Elisabeth Elliot Biography

“I have one desire now – to live a life with reckless abandon for the Lord, putting all my strength and energy into it.” Elisabeth Elliot, an inspirational woman who remained faithful to God, and the calling he had laid on her heart, through many trials and... read more

Martin Luther Biography

Martin Luther is remembered as a passionate writer and preacher, an influential theologian, and a loving father, husband, and mentor. In everything he did, he maintained an intensity, dedication, and sense of humor that served him and the Protestant Reformation well.... read more

Amy Carmichael Biography

A common method for parents putting their children to bed is saying their prayers. Amy Beatrice Carmichael however, wouldn’t stop at prayers. She would also smooth out a space on her sheets; then invite the Lord to come sit down beside her. This was an early sign of... read more

Smith Wigglesworth Biography

Smith Wigglesworth was an evangelist whose childlike faith in Jesus led to the performance of many lasting miracles of great worth and a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Church during his lifetime  (8 June 1859 – 12 March 1947). The Compassionate heart of a... read more

John Wesley Biography

Family Life On June 17, 1703, in the village of Epworth, twenty miles north of London, John Wesley was born and raised with seven sisters and two brothers by Samuel and Susanna (Annesley) Wesley. The fifteenth of nineteen children, he was the third son to be named... read more

Thomas Dorsey Biography

Without Thomas A. Dorsey who was born in Villa Roca, Georgia on July 1, 1899, there would be no Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin, Whitney Houston or Kirk Franklin. Thomas Dorsey was a man who found himself conflicted between the work of man and the work of God. God did... read more

William Booth Biography

William Booth was born into affluence in Nottingham, England in 1829, but his family descended rapidly thereafter into poverty. When his father could not pay for schooling, William was apprenticed by a pawnbroker. Soon Booth was converted to Methodism, and he... read more

Billy Graham Biography

Ordinary man… extraordinary call. Billy, the Boy Christened William Franklin Graham, Jr., Billy was born on November 7, 1918 in a small town outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, and grew up on the family dairy farm. Reared in Scottish Presbyterian... read more

Florence Nightingale Biography

Florence Nightingale was a writer, nurse and statistician that cared deeply for those around her. When Florence was born, she was very well blessed and she was also born in the city of Florence. Her parents decided to name her Florence after the very city she was born... read more

Lillian Trasher Biography

Lillian Hunt Trasher served as a Christian missionary in Assiout, Egypt, where she founded the country’s first orphanage; over a period of 50 years, she cared for approximately 10,000 needy children. Because of her contributions, she earned the nickname of “Mother”... read more

Billy Graham Biography

Billy Graham was born during the tumultuous context of World War and the great depression. Entering the world during a time of deep uncertainty and despair, Billy Graham would bring the hope and life of the Gospel to millions of people around the world. His was a life... read more

Jim Elliot Biography

Early Life Jim Elliot began his life in Portland, Oregon in the USA. His mother, Clara, was a chiropractor and his father, Fred, was a minister. They married and settled in Seattle, WA where they welcomed their first son, Robert in 1921. Later they relocated the... read more

Rees Howells Biography

Rees Howells seemed destined for a typical life in a small mining town in Wales. He was the sixth child of eleven, and at the age of twelve, he left school to follow in his father’s footsteps as a miner. However, even the remote town of Brynamman began to change when... read more

Brother Yun Biography

Brother Yun was born in February 1958 in the province of Henan. His original name was Liu Zhenying (刘振营). Brother Yun became a believer at the age of 16. Soon after he became a Christian, God called him to be His witness in the west and south. As he was obedient to... read more

Jonathan Edwards Biography

Jonathan Edwards, who became one of the most well known Puritan preachers, began his life in humble beginnings in East Windsor, CT.  He was born October 5, 1703 to Timothy and Esther (Stoddard) Edwards. He was the only son in a family of 11 children. Early Life Both... read more

Brother Andrew Biography

Son of a blacksmith, Brother Andrew didn’t even finish high school. But God used this ordinary dutch man, with his bad back, limited education, without sponsorship and no funds to do things that many said were impossible. From Yugoslavia to North Korea, Brother... read more