Christian Writers Needed!

We’re looking for Christian writers to join our writing team and help publish more Christian biographies so we can provide these to believers across the world for free.

It is our desire that will have a large number of in-depth Christian biographies written by Christian writers. If you are a Christian writer and would like to contribute, please contact us.

Why write for

  • Use your gifting in writing to encourage other believers
  • Lots of people will read your biographies
  • There will be an author bio on each of the articles so you the writers will get full credit for the content you write.
  • Christian organisations republish the biographies written on

Why does exist? exists as a website for people to go to in order to read encouraging testimonies of men and women of faith who will inspire a new generation of believers. Our hope is that the testimonies will encourage both believers and non-believers to draw closer to God. The biographies on should bring glory to God and not the individuals. Men like Smith Wigglesworth and John Wesley did not seek their own fame, their objective in life was to bring Glory to God. As such, it would be mistake when examining their lives if we started praising them rather than God! As such, when the testimonies of these Christians are discussed, the content will not be based upon strange doctrines (Hebrews 13v9) but the focus will be upon their relationship with God and the outcome of their way of life (Hebrews 13v7). So the goal is that through learning about the lives of these Christians, readers will remember these people, the words that they spoke and imitate their faith (Hebrews 13v7).

What are the guidelines for writing the biographies for

The goal is that the biographies we publish will be the best available online. Here are the guidelines we try and adhere to when writing Christian biographies on

  • In-depth – They take quite a lot of time to research and write
  • Neatly organised – Separated with headings so that people reading the biographies can scan read them if desired
  • Detailed – At least 600 words in length
  • Glorifying to God – Not focused upon strange doctrines but their relationship with God and the outcome of their way of life
  • Edifying to believers – Encouraging for Christians to read
  • Bespoke – The content should be completely unique so not copy and pasted from other written biographies.
  • Written about relatively well-known Christians like John Wesley, Brother Andrew, William Booth, Charles Spurgeon, Tony Anthony, Evan Roberts, Watchman Nee, Rees Howells, John Sung, Helen Roseveare, DL Moody, Jim Elliot, Brother Yun, CT Studd, Hudson Taylor, Smith Wigglesworth, Charles Finney and Jonathan Edwards.