Dwight L. Moody Biography

Dwight Lyman Moody went from humble, uneducated beginnings to being mightily used by God. He proves that God can truly use anybody from anywhere; you do not need to be a Bible scholar to be successful in the Lord. D.L. Moody: A Man used of God D.L. Moody, whose full... read more

Elisabeth Elliot Biography

“I have one desire now – to live a life with reckless abandon for the Lord, putting all my strength and energy into it.” Elisabeth Elliot, an inspirational woman who remained faithful to God, and the calling he had laid on her heart, through many trials and... read more

Martin Luther Biography

Martin Luther is remembered as a passionate writer and preacher, an influential theologian, and a loving father, husband, and mentor. In everything he did, he maintained an intensity, dedication, and sense of humor that served him and the Protestant Reformation well.... read more

Amy Carmichael Biography

A common method for parents putting their children to bed is saying their prayers. Amy Beatrice Carmichael however, wouldn’t stop at prayers. She would also smooth out a space on her sheets; then invite the Lord to come sit down beside her. This was an early sign of... read more

Timothy Biography

Timothy, a native of Lystra, was reared well, and both his mother and grandmother taught him the Scriptures from his infancy.  Thus Timothy’s open heart was ready to accept the gospel of Christ when Paul came through Lystra on his first or second missionary... read more

Luke Biography

It is surprising that someone who is mentioned as rarely in the Scriptures as Luke would have such a vital role in the writing thereof.  His name is mentioned only three times, yet he wrote two of the most important accounts in the Bible—carefully researched accounts... read more

Paul of Tarsus Biography

It must be admitted that Paul was one of the unlikeliest individuals ever to become a Christian missionary.  He was born a Jew with Roman citizenship, and was a Pharisee both by birth and theological choice.  Paul was trained by Gamaliel, one of the greatest Jewish... read more

Cornelius Biography

Cornelius was a Roman soldier who lived in Caesarea.  He had worked his way up the Roman ranks to the position of centurion—a commander of 100 Roman soldiers and backbone of the Roman military.  Cornelius lived among Jews, and most Romans had little use for Jews.  At... read more

John Mark Biography

The intoxicating excitement of Christ’s resurrection had long since passed.  The Master had left his loyal band of followers to carry on without Him. Soon persecution arose against the bold apostles of this Messiah.  When the apostle Peter was imprisoned, a... read more

Barnabas Biography

The apostle Paul so eclipsed his Christian contemporaries that Barnabas is little more than a name to most of us.  The first thing the Bible tells us about him is that he was a Levite from Cyprus who sold a field he owned and brought the money and laid it at the... read more

Mary Magdalene Biography

There is no record of Mary Magdalene’s parentage, marital status, or age.  The term Magdalene denotes her hometown, Magdala, a Galilean coast city.  The Bible reports that Christ delivered Mary from seven demons and thus won her lifelong love and devotion. ... read more

Mary and Martha of Bethany

Jesus loved Mary, Martha and their brother Lazarus.  Their home in Bethany seemed to be one of the few places Jesus could go and truly relax.  Mary and Martha are often contrasted—Mary as the devout learner and Martha, the bustling, morose housekeeper.  This may be an... read more

Pontius Pilate Biography

Pontius Pilate was appointed the fifth Roman prefect over Judea during the reign of Tiberius.  He served in that capacity between AD 26-36.  Pilate was known to be a tough leader, as relentless as he was cold-blooded.   He may have met his match, however, when he was... read more

Judas Iscariot Biography

The life of Judas Iscariot is one shrouded in deep mystery.  Scripture offers little light to cut through the mist.  In fact, in any honest treatment of him, the questions should probably outnumber the answers. Even Judas’ surname is unclear.  Iscariot could... read more

John Biography

John, the son of Zebedee, seemed to realize early on that the humble carpenter of Nazareth was no mere mortal at all. After Jesus called John to leave his fishing nets and become a ‘fisher of men, John never once looked back. Especially in his younger years, the... read more

Matthew Biography

Matthew is best known for the gospel bearing his name.  In his fine account Matthew emphasized the many Old Testament messianic predictions which were fulfilled in Christ’s life.  Also, reflecting an accountant’s background, he carefully arranged the... read more

Thomas Biography

Many have read the few gospel references to the apostle Thomas and branded him a brooding pessimist.  Instead it may be that Thomas was more of a common sense realist.  His was a practical mind confronting mystical truth.  He was a person of common sense wrestling... read more

Simon Peter Biography

If we were given the responsibility of selecting the twelve disciples of Christ, I wonder how we would proceed.  Very possibly, we would screen thousands of applicants and carefully select only the highest achievers—rare administrative geniuses, megachurch ministers,... read more

Anna and Simeon Biography

When Jesus was still an infant, Mary and Joseph took him to the Temple.  Mary was there to make a purification offering as instructed by God’s Law following the birth of each child.  As Mary and Joseph walked into the Temple court, an old man named Simeon... read more

John the Baptist Biography

An eccentric recluse wandered the Judean wilderness, subsisting on grasshoppers and wild honey.  Dressed only in camel hide and leather strap, at first glance he appeared wild and, perhaps, unbalanced.  It was not until he opened his mouth to preach that onlookers... read more

Jesus Christ Biography

He was born the son of simple peasants.  Though he seemed to know all mankind, he never traveled very far from his hometown.  Though he possessed obvious wisdom, he never achieved high academic degrees, or gave an exam, or wrote a book.  He never owned a home, earned... read more

Zacharias and Elizabeth Biography

When they were young newlyweds, Zacharias and Elizabeth dreamed of a home filled with the sounds of children.  But the years passed and Elizabeth did not conceive.  Finally the couple came to the deadening realization that it would always just be the two of them.  As... read more

Mary the mother of Jesus Biography

No one had ever paid unusual attention to young Mary.  She was born in a poor family from the insignificant town of Nazareth. She didn’t appear to stand out from her peers and would probably not have been voted ‘most likely to succeed.’ Eventually, however, she was... read more

Joseph of Arimathea Biography

Joseph was a quiet man—reserved, gentle, and soft-spoken.  He was betrothed to a young woman from Nazareth named Mary.  To his horror, during the engagement period he learned that Mary had become pregnant.  Knowing he had not violated her, Joseph naturally assumed... read more

Smith Wigglesworth Biography

Smith Wigglesworth was an evangelist whose childlike faith in Jesus led to the performance of many lasting miracles of great worth and a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Church during his lifetime  (8 June 1859 – 12 March 1947). The Compassionate heart of a... read more

Nehemiah Biography

Nehemiah was no slouch.  He was sharp, efficient, and focused to a fault.  And when, as a veteran statesman, he turned his focus to the rebuilding of old Jerusalem and the exacting of religious reforms, nothing and no one was allowed to stand in his way. Born in... read more

Ezra Biography

Ezra was a Hebrew priest and a scribe during the era of the Persian empire.   He also served in the Persian government.  In contemporary language, one historian states Ezra’s title as Secretary of State for Jewish Affairs. Approximately 458 BC Ezra visited... read more

Esther Biography

In perhaps the world’s first beauty pageant, what was it about a young Jewish girl that stood out from among the most ravishing females in the Persian empire?  And this was no fly-by-night affair. Entrants were painstakingly coached and prepared for their appearance... read more

Daniel Biography

Daniel was a Jewish young man, probably of royal descent.  As a late teen he was among those deported from Jerusalem by the conquering Babylonians in about 605 BC.  After three years of formal education in the language and literature of Babylon, he became an official... read more

Ezekiel Biography

As to the prophet Ezekiel’s personal life, the Bible is largely silent.  He was probably reared in Jerusalem where he may have served briefly as a priest before he was carried into exile by the Babylonian army.  His prophetic calling and entire twenty-two year... read more

Jeremiah Biography

Jeremiah’s lifelong complaint to his mother was that she’d ushered him, a personality with such painful sensitivity and feeling, into a world so out of joint for such a person.  When called by God to prophesy, Jeremiah shrank away begging, “Please,... read more

Josiah Biography

Imperfect people don’t disturb me too much.  In fact, it can be somewhat comforting to be reminded that others share my fallibility.  A tender heart, however, is vital in this life.  Because if our hearts are cold and callous, we won’t care to correct our... read more

Isaiah Biography

One mark of great writers is that their writings often transcend their deeds.  Isaiah was a great man, yet his life history seems swallowed up in the sheer force of his fascinating prophecies and brilliant imagery.  We do know that he was an eighth-century prophet and... read more

Hezekiah Biography

Hezekiah acceded to Judah’s throne from 715 to 686 BC.  In spite of the fact that his father, King Ahaz, was an evil king, Hezekiah surprisingly gave his full allegiance to Yahweh.  In fact, it was said that no other Judean king before or after him showed... read more

Elisha Biography

Elisha was chosen by God as the successor to Elijah. One might have expected God to select a prophet much like Elijah to carry on his work. But, instead, He chose two men who seem as unlike each other as oil and water. Elijah was recognized by his long hair and... read more

Elijah Biography

The prophet, Elijah, towers like a mountain in Gilead above the other prophets. Elijah was a Mount Sinai of a man—with a heart like a thunderstorm. There is a solitary grandeur about him that is all his own—there is mystery and unearthliness, a volcanic suddenness and... read more

Jonah Biography

A peculiar and somewhat mournful interest hangs around the life of Jonah. Elements of good and evil struggled powerfully within him—at times plunging him to the lowest depths and, at others, raising him to supernatural heights. Born in a morally dismal age,... read more

Solomon Biography

A book entitled Money, Sex and Power hit the religious market some years back. The primary point of the author was that very few Christians can resist the temptations posed by free sex, great wealth, or power over others. He was right. Many gifted men and women who... read more

Joab Biography

Joab was one of those frightening individuals who can be intensely loyal and brutally vindictive simultaneously. His relationship with his Uncle David was not the typical harmlessly affectionate relationship between a nephew and his uncle. Some believe that if David... read more

Jonathan Biography

Thank God that the saying Like father, like son is not always true. King Saul bore a son named Jonathan who was as much better than himself in character as heaven is greater than earth. Yet in spite of his father’s faults, Jonathan followed Saul loyally... read more

David Biography

God sometimes finds his most remarkable children in the most unlikely places. David tended sheep on the backside of nowhere. Jesse, his father, didn’t appear to be an especially nurturing father, and we know nothing of David’s mother. As the youngest son,... read more

Saul Biography

The life of Saul is one steeped in confusing paradox. At times, Saul appeared humble and good; at others, he seemed conceited and stubborn with an undisguised streak of brutality. Reading Saul’s story one feels uneasiness and tension, the way one might feel on... read more

Samuel Biography

On the surface, the life he was called to lead does not appear particularly harrowing. As a boy, Samuel was committed to tabernacle service by his parents. God called him into lifelong ministry in a very personal way, and Samuel was to become the final judge and the... read more

Hannah Biography

Only a parent who yearns for a child and cannot bear one can fully understand Hannah. Hannah was married to a kind man named Elkanah, but she suffered the disgrace of sterility. This was a huge disgrace in a society in which family propagation and genealogy were... read more

Ruth Biography

In order to survive a famine, a Jewish family once left Israel for prosperous Moab. In Moab the husband died and the two sons ended up marrying Moabite women. Ten years later, tragedy struck again and the two sons also died. The grief-stricken mother, Naomi, then left... read more

Samson Biography

Manoah and his wife had tried for years to bear a child but were unsuccessful. Then an angel appeared, announcing they were to have a son. He was to be a Nazirite—that is, he could not drink alcohol or eat unclean foods and no razor was to touch his head. The prophecy... read more

Gideon Biography

A terrified young man secretly threshes a meager crop of wheat at an ancient wine press. He is a member of the weakest clan in Israel and he is the youngest in his family. He has never stood up to the Midianites, who dominate Israel. Nothing about him seems destined... read more

Deborah Biography

The name Deborah means ‘a bee’, and in view of the intelligent and hard-working reputation of the bee, Deborah was a fitting name for the fifth judge in Israel. Married to a man named Lapidoth, it is not known if Deborah and her husband ever bore children.... read more