The Good, the Bad, and the Holy: Prominent Men and Women of the Bible

A book exploring the bible characters of the bible

Movies based on the Bible such as The Greatest Story Ever Told, The Exodus, and The Bible have become all-time film classics. This is because there is a universal fascination with the personalities of this great holy book. We are curious about these people who lived so long ago. Sometimes we don’t wish to read several hundred pages about a Bible personality—we’re looking for a few pages that will get to the very heart of what made the person tick.

Couched in brief, enlightening vignettes, this book reveals great men and women of the Bible the way they really were. Readers may be surprised to find that, behind their great exploits and holy lives, these men and women were also very human, just like us. We believe you will be the richer for reading this book. It offers treasure to satisfy the soul, and, after all, that is the most valuable treasure of all.

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  • Introduction
  • 1. God
  • 2. Adam and Eve
  • 3. Noah
  • 4. Abraham and Sarah
  • 5. Job
  • 6. Ishmael
  • 7. Isaac and Rebecah
  • 8. Jacob and Rachel
  • 9. Joseph
  • 10. Moses
  • 11. Aaron
  • 12. Miriam
  • 13. Joshua
  • 14. Deborah
  • 15. Gideon
  • 16. Samson
  • 17. Ruth
  • 18. Hannah
  • 19. Samuel
  • 20. Saul
  • 21. David
  • 22. Jonathan
  • 23. Joab
  • 24. Solomon
  • 25. Jonah
  • 26. Elijah
  • 27. Elisha
  • 28. Hezekiah
  • 29. Isaiah
  • 30. Josiah
  • 31. Jeremiah
  • 32. Ezekiel
  • 33. Daniel
  • 34. Esther
  • 35. Ezra
  • 36. Nehemiah
  • 37. Joseph
  • 38. Mary, mother of Jesus
  • 39. Zacharias and Elizabeth
  • 40. Jesus Christ
  • 41. John the Baptist
  • 42. Anna and Simeon
  • 43. Simon Peter
  • 44. Thomas
  • 45. Matthew
  • 46. John
  • 47. Judas
  • 48. Pontius Pilate
  • 49. Mary and Martha of Bethany
  • 50. Mary Magdalene
  • 51. John Mark
  • 52. Barnabas
  • 53. Cornelius
  • 54. Paul
  • 55. Luke
  • 56. Timothy